Ceramic Tiles

Why Ceramic Tiles Are Still The Most Preferred

Newcastle ceramic tiles exude a classictimeless look or an avant-garde approach on design depending on the style of tiles installed. They are also renowned for their durability that lasts many decades after the original instalment. This is especially true when proper care is taken to maintain the original condition.

Advantages of Ceramic Tiles

  • Able to transmit the ground’s relatively stable temperature
  • Keep floors cool during summer and warm during winter.
  • Fairly easy to install once the appropriate tile sizes have been determined and ordered in the quantity needed.
Ceramic Tiles - Newcastle Tiling

What You Need To Know About Ceramic Tiles

There are generally two types of tiling materials used for indoor tiling jobs: ceramic and porcelain.

  • Ceramic tiles have gained more popularity over time as they have been significantly less expensive than porcelain tiles while still offering the longevity that the material is known for.
  • Porcelain are more durable but its strength costs homeowners a price premium that most find to be a bit exorbitant.
  • Ceramic tiles get slippery when wet because of their slick surface. But there are treatments and finishes that exist to minimise the possibility or risk of a fall
  • Ceramic tiles repair is often complicated because of the limited availability of certain styles.

Why You Need A Professional For Installing Ceramic Tiling

  • Tiling jobs can often be complicated by the availability of ceramic tiles for installation or repair.
  • There are times when tile companies will only produce a limited quantity of a certain style of tile.
  • Some may even stop production on a long-running tile series.

Hence, finding tiles that can match the original tiles or comes close can present a challenge in this way.

Though it requires some legwork and research, it is still possible to find an appropriate substitute for the new tiling or ceramic tiles repair job needed. All you need is the help of a professional tiler in Newcastle. Contact us Newcastle Tiling today for enquiries!

Ceramic Tiles - Newcastle Tiling