Natural Stone Tiling

Natural Stone Tiling: Your Cost Effective Style Option

Newcastle natural stone tiles are known to be very adaptive to all sorts of commercial and residential applications. Its major appeal is inherent uniqueness of each natural stone because of the way stone was formed and cut.

Used as flooring, Newcastle natural stone tiles can:

  • Lend an air of contemporary or tradition
  • Be manipulated by other decorative aspects,
  • Be extremely flexible,
  • Be used both for indoor and outdoor uses.
Natural Stone Tiling - Newcastle Tiling

Real cost of Installing Natural Stone Tiles: Minimal

Some people are concerned about spending too much money on the material and the cost of having a professional tiler install them.

The reality of Newcastle natural stone tiles, however, is that paying more for a certain type of stone does not mean that it produces the best natural stone tiles in the market. Consequently, some of the best stones for natural stone tiles have great value for the money. This is mostly because of the large worldwide reserves for these stones.

Natural Stone Tiling - Newcastle Tiling

Real Cost of Maintaining Natural Stone Tiles: Minimal

Another source of hesitation is the misconception about their maintenance. But truth is, they are easy to maintain so long as they are properly sealed.

Properly sealing your Newcastle natural stone tiles:

  • Prevents the grout used to lay the tiles for discolouring,
  • Protects your tiles from staining,
  • Evades rusting,
  • Avoids salt attack, and
  • Makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Only need regular sweeping and mopping to maintain a presentable appearance.

An occasional treatment with a diluted bleach solution ensures that your Newcastle natural stone tiles remain free of marks.

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There are many benefits to installing natural stone tiles in your Newcastle home or office. They are durable, aesthetically pleasing and unique, and relatively easy to maintain.

Opting for natural stone tiles with colour variation even help disguise dirt for times when there is not enough time to allocate for proper cleaning and upkeep of the tiles. Elegance and luxury can be had through Newcastle natural stone tiles.

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