Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor Tiles: Your Unique and Practical Option

Outdoor tiling is not something you see at each doorstep every day. Because it exists as a non-traditional option, Newcastle outdoor tiles propel your property into an area where the modern and innovation converge. The effect is a striking design with extreme durability.

Benefits of Outdoor Tiles installed by Newcastle Tiling Professionals

Eschewing the common theme of brick, concrete, or wood outdoor surfaces can save a property owner a lot of time, while garnering style points.

Newcastle outdoor tiles, similar to indoor tiles, come in both ceramic and natural stone versions. But we do not use the same types of tiles for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our team of Newcastle outdoor tile experts are aware of the harsher elements that outdoor tiles are subject to. Because of this, Newcastle outdoor tiles have been specially formulated to withstand the punishing Australian climate, while keeping your property looking good.

Outdoor Tiles - Newcastle Tiling
Outdoor Tiles - Newcastle Tiling

We Provide Solutions for Risks Posed by Outdoor Tiles

  • Any fears of slipping caused by slick ceramic outdoor tiles? Such popular concerns are hardly applicable to Newcastle outdoor tiles of the ceramic kind.

Our outdoor tiles are made for the outdoors, and are not only durable but also extremely slip-resistant and minimally absorbent. This gives it the best grip (even in inclement weather) and enables it to prevent cracking caused by water seepage.

  • Natural stone tiles bound to cost you a fortune, both in material and maintenance? Not a chance.

Our Newcastle outdoor tiles experts will ensure that your natural stone tiles fit your budget well. And because we are aware that proper sealing is the best way to keep natural stone tiles looking good for a very long time, expect us to take measures in ensuring the quality of the tile installation. You can rest assured that we will oversee the proper sealing of those natural stone tiles.

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Whether you go for a ceramic or natural stone, our Newcastle outdoor tiles experts assure you of a tile installation process that is relatively hassle-free and timely. One of the greatest benefits of tile installation, after all, is how quick it can go in comparison to other building/renovation projects. Call our office today!