Veranda Tiling

Why You Should Opt for Veranda Tiling

Veranda tiling is a great way to make the flooring in your Newcastle home stand out. This is especially true if you have concrete or wooden materials as your outdoor design.

As tiles are being commonly used for indoor projects in Australian homes, Newcastle veranda tiling is something:

  • That suggests a certain kind of uniqueness, and
  • Makes your home more noticeable for visitors.
Veranda Tiling - Newcastle Tiling
Veranda Tiling - Newcastle Tiling

Pros and Cons of Veranda Tiling

Below are a few advantages and disadvantages of having your veranda tiled. Why should you consider or not consider opting for it?

Due to their reputation as indoor materials, many shy away from using tile as flooring material for verandas.

This happens to be a widely held misconception about outdoor tiling because many tile companies already have tiles made for and perfectly suitable for outdoor conditions.

  • The main concern going against veranda tiling is the slip factor. Tiles are slippery when wet. This detail, however, should not be a cause for worry. Remember that tiles are made for outdoors and are finished to be extremely slip-resistant.
  • Another worry that surfaces about Newcastle veranda tiling is the durability of the tile and its imperviousness to harsh outdoor elements. This is a concern due to the reputation of Australian weather.

Solution:  Remember that not only are tiles made for the outdoors slip-resistant, they are also able to withstand temperatures changes. These include freezing and thawing which can do damage to normal tiles.

Outdoor-formulated tiles come out of the factory dense and featuring low-absorption ratings. This treatment keeps liquids from soaking into your tiles and weakening them through cracks and temperature changes.

Contact Newcastle Tiling Experts for Quality Veranda Tiling Services

Our business provides you with a set of Newcastle veranda tiling experts that are knowledgeable about the process of outfitting your veranda with tiling. Projects involving such outdoor instalments, as with all other projects, will receive attention from our project managers for a hassle-free and quality experience for the client.